Zavoloka - Vedana (File)

It is inspired by knowledge about Ukrainian Cossacks-Magicians, so-called Kharakternyky, that could control forces of nature, particularly water. They used to drink spring water to purify their energy and to became undistinguished and fluid as water. To reach inner melting. Vedana video by Laetitia Morais vimeo. Berlin-based Ukrainian composer, sound artist, visual artist. She is a member of Cluster Lizard. Streaming and Download help. Report this album or account.

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In addition, one collaborative track with Kotra appeared on the magazine's Wire Tapper 16 and her solo composition "Inhale", from Viter , was featured on the Wire Tapper From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For the village in Storozhynets Raion , see Mikhalcha. This article needs additional citations for verification. I fake the orgasm ofan anonymous subject who took part in an experiment into the nature of the male orgasm in I repeatedly perform the same pattern. The data is projected onto a screen in the form of graphs and is used for digital sound synthesis. MOHN is extremely decelerated, slow motion techno with and without bass drum, containing lots of plasticiser.

MOHN is slow, sublime, sombre music, fusing different ambient styles to one new one. MOHN LIVE primarily is a non-stop concert-lecture for a seated audience theatre , but it also works standing up shoegaze, ambientbounce, ambientgrunge, MOHN comes at a scale of MOHN is opium for the people.

Lets MOHN together! Vedana by Zavoloka and Laetitia Morais :Vedana is a unique piece of both artist's artwork.

It is exploration of Water Element, ancient knowledge through experimental music and generative visuals. The music is composed by Zavoloka in real-time, transmitting different states of water and how they can be specifically translated to sound, as a interactive research. Low frequencies as a depth, secret, mystery, unknown. Ukrainian traditional vocal and voices as a water of life, flowing as canvas, clearness and deepness of sound. Deep changeable rhythms, warm harmonies.

The musical master Valery Naryshkin has reconstructed rare instruments which were used many centuries ago: Scythian horn, gusli, zhaleyka, vargans, ocarinas, Slavic drums, etc. A summation and further exploration of error mechanics, field recordings, and hard drones. Two studio tracks and one live performance fill out the audio portion with 2 video performances of basement alchemy and field recordings in the field.

This album's songs, heavily layered with Scott's trademark guitar sound and drums, also include unusual instrumentation like sitar, piano, and stand-up bass.

Take the early Pain Teens albums' experimentation and mix in Scott's amazing playing and studio wizardry from the more recent albums, and you get this brilliant collection of sounds. The founding member of the project is Andrea Penso, alredy active with Selaxon Lutberg and Cold Current label, helped by her old friend Simone Zuccolin. The sound is deliberately lo-fi, and it is created exclusively with economical instruments: acoustic and electric guitars, cheap keyboards, accordeon, farfisa, varius non-musical objects, flute, toys, percussions, tapes The aim is creating a confidential atmosphere through the balance between "dream" and "sadness".

You can find this sense of precarious balance in the songs that alternate moments of pure improvisation with much more studied and controlled tracks. Beautiful digi-sleeve, limited to copies. The composition was also mixed down to a stereo version, mastered by Scanner, and released on Simon's own label, Traceable Echoes, to be available to visitors of the exhibition. Many other artists heard the work and gave praise to this departure from Simon's work up until that point, as for the first time he had composed with much more musical elements, and an idea emerged.

Simon was already planning his own reworking of the raw materials of 'Lightyears', as he felt the brief was very restrictive, and wanted to hear the results of using the same material without these constraints.

He also offered the opportunity to all artists who responded positively to the work to produce their own characteristic interpretation of the composition. Here are the results; a common thread is evident, but very individual voices are heard, leading you on an immersive, engaging journey The music is composed by Kateryna Zavoloka, transmitting different states of water and how they can be specifically translated to the sound.

Low frequencies as a depth, traditional vocal as surface of sonic water. This album is a result of 2-years research, including work at Electroacoustic Music Studio at Academy of Music in Cracow and concerts-performances in collaboration with live generative interactive visuals from Laetitia Morais.

It is exploration of Water Element. It is inspired by knowledge about Ukrainian Cossacks-Magicians, so-called Kharakternyky, that could control forces of nature, particularly water.

They used to drink spring water to purify their energy and to became undistinguished and fluid as water. To reach inner melting. Host Arvo Fingers uses his lengthy experience as a sleepless madman to wield surrealistic songs and sounds into a slithering swath for 4 hours a week. Hr in Croatia, with occasional interviews, virtual guest installations, ghost hosts, and radio art. The music research topic is "Oredezh" - a beautiful river in the south-west of Leningradskaya Oblast' rural area around Saint Petersburg , mentioned in the chronicles in connection with "the forced christening of Russia".

Legends have it that when Russia was being christened, local inhabitants went to hide in forests, some to organize guerrilla groups, others simply to take refuge Just for this release several well-known musicians and sound-artists came up with their interpretations of the raw pagan black metal track that gave the compilation it's name. The compilation is not a single or compilation of remixes, or "pagan" compilation. We wanted to create large musical canvas with varying sound in which interesting artists from all over the world would express their opinions and their points of view on this theme using the universal ways of musical language.

Released as double CDR, this album expected to provide an introduction to the fascinating and vast world of experimental music in Spain and already hopes to become a reference disk. This is also the platform for discussions, since the range of opinions is also important for us. We hope that you will have the opportunity to discover the world of music just near your living place, like some of the artists did, and open your ears for the adventurous listening.

We are looking forward to see the forthcoming contributions and ideas from likeminded people Limited edition copies in digisleeve, with page colour booklet. You kind of know what to expect already, right? Their drones are fragile and nostalgic. Layered melodic pieces, cascading synth patterns, violin and guitar and a little bit of delayed pizzicato grooving. A purest emotion shining though the sound.

As simple and as cool as that. The lone French psych-head Calypso Borealis is occupying the paper-plane-side. Kindest, softest, yet murky as mist compositions bring the coolest evening sofa experiences.

Chilling mix of synths, field recordings, kalimba - one can only guess what else. We don't even know this guy's name but the stuff he's been putting out is top notch! Each cassette comes with a tiny 8-page zine with drawings by Ivan. There are many color variations. The conceptual cassette series L. This is a weaving of threads of tales and visions of polar lands, reindeer herders' and hunters' dreams.

Side A: three pieces consequently take listener's attention through the horizons of life substances of the water world with its dances of ringed seals; the world of earthly beings; and the air world of winds, of star and solar light.

Side B focuses attention on the force of warmth and heat as the most rare and important for life in subpolar areas - this is not the exhausting heat of southern countries, but hardly seen smudging light of an oil lamp in a tent, the warmth of living beings in an icy desert. The sounds of this album consist of many field recordings, ethnographic and home-made sketches, mouth harp playing and voice loops, all this is flavoured with distant radionoises and rustles.

As the piece builds it starts to accrue all sorts of sonic strata, with voices becoming gradually clearer and endless tone sparkling like deep starfields as it moves in fractal shapes towards the infinite centre of the universe.

By conceptual non-intervention in the process of noise-making the many-sided field result was achieved, aside from thechnical interest it can also show the aesthetic and even psychedelic aspects, being a detached acoustic concept. Commonly used cassettes from s type 1 serve as a media. Artwork - collage DIY box with absurd inserts.

Flies in electromagnetic clouds and currents. Conceptual noise sketch made using technical errors of the Soviet tape-transport unit "Vega MPstereo" and multiple serial re-recordings of "highly hissing" cassettes on high speed, situational distortions as a result of changes of tape type and volume of re-recordings. When I was making soundcheck before a gig with this material, the soundman said: "I can't put this channel up, there's some weird feedback, some noise".

Used studio cassettes from s type 1 serve as a media. Recorded in an abandoned subterranean bunker beneath the Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, the atmosphere is suitably macabre and claustrophobic, with Schnitzler generating some of his most psychedelic creations, ranging from wobbly purple architectures of electronics through ominous blocks of silence torn apart by invasions of odd keyboard melodies and sudden bursts of noise.

Conducted in the spirit of the d. If you have ever wanted to travel to a world where fur and fangs mesh with integrated circuits to form an invincible hybrid, here is your ticket. Lo-fi quality. Handmade cover. Nonetheless, "Drone Machines" is beyond avantgarde, in that exciting sense that it brings together slow-paced DOOM whips, modern technology, an eerie flood of vile drones and heavy machinery in a whole new perspective.

For years to come The continuos computer-generated music, minimally changing but reaching maximum concentration, comes as the one long track, designed for your mind challenge. Some of them are accessible for people who are using it extensively, others are intended only for machines that seem to be their source and destination at the same time.

The laptop is the leading performer here, created by unknown system error and playing the music of solar wind, derived from the information field that is not accessible to anyone else. Mesopic Vision is a creation of another Russian musician who previously used the name Polaris and is also known for his label Abgurd.

Their collaboration work is a one min. Really strong, varied and powerful recording. Bunker - totalitarian Power Electronics with genocidal video from 3rd Reich archive. Pugna - shamanistic Drone Industrial plus ritual animation. Limited to copies. You're dead. Under this name he explores more dense sounding side of drone ambient music, sometimes even bordering with noise, but still driven by emotions.

The closest analogues are Maeror Tri and Troum albums. The lovers of these projects should really draw their attantion to this release - you won't be disappointed.

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Zavoloka ( words) exact match in snippet view article find links to article Tapper 16 and her solo composition "Inhale", from Viter, was featured on the Wire Tapper In Zavoloka released "Vedana" CD and in Viter on.

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  1. VEDANA by Zavoloka, released 21 April 1. Splendent Viscid Fluid 2. Vivid Chains 3. We Drank Water On Vehement Shore Of A Bright Life 4. Vedana Is Lead By Her Will 5. Green Spiral Of Meander 6. Immersion In Transparent Circle 7. Aureole Of Momentous Splash 8. Crystal 9. Moment Of Serenity Flows Purification by Four Elements: Air, Water, Earth and Fire.
  2. Zavoloka mainly explores digital synthesis, sometimes she uses recorded herself songs, separate phrases, words, instruments, etc. One of her big influences is the traditional Ukrainian culture. She traveling by Ukraine and recording native traditional ethnic folk songs, which singing old people in country-sides of Ukraine.
  3. In Zavoloka released "Vedana" CD and in Viter on the label Kvitnu, 2 of the series of albums dedicated to Elements of Air, Water, Earth and Fire. In Zavoloka received the "Gaude Polonia" grant, hosted by National Centre for Culture, Ministry of Culture in Poland, and worked at the Electroacoustic Studio at the Cracow Music Academy.
  4. First three were Viter (for Air), Vedana (for Water) and Syngonia (for Earth). And now Promeni, work dedicated to the Fire Element. Fire not only as a classical element of the Universe from the ancient philosophy and science associated with the qualities of energy and passion, but also as the audiovisual map and history of metaphysical.
  5. ZAVOLOKA's songs: Listen to songs by ZAVOLOKA on Myspace, Stream Free Online Music by ZAVOLOKA.
  6. ZAVOLOKA's albums: Listen to albums by ZAVOLOKA on Myspace, Stream Free Online Music by ZAVOLOKA.
  7. ZAVOLOKA - PROMENI (CD by Kvitnu) With the release of 'Promeni', (Kateryna) Zavoloka completes a quartet of releases "dedicated to the purification by four Universe Elements". The others were, "Viter (for wind), Vedana (for water) and Syngonia (for Earth Element)". I only seem to have reviewed the latter, in Vital Weekly

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