Untitled - Merzbow - Metal Acoustic Music (Cassette)

During this era, Merzbow found much wider recognition and began making recordings for various international labels. He also started touring abroad with the help of various collaborators. During the European tour in September—October , Merzbow could only bring simple and portable gear; this led to the harsh noise style Merzbow became known for in the s. It also includes live material recorded during the tour.

But when I started live in late s I didn't like to use tape on stage. I like only live electronics. So, my studio works changed to more live composition style. I'm still using many tapes in studio works, but difference is I treat tapes and instruments.

Before, I used tapes as overdubbing concept. But now tapes are crashing together, no static overdub. Beginning in the mids, Merzbow began to be influenced by death metal and grindcore. From , plans were made to release a "10 or maybe 12 " CD box set on Extreme Records.

Throughout most of the s, Merzbow live was a trio with Reiko A. Masami Akita occasionally played drums for Hijokaidan during the early—mid s. Since , Akita has used computers in his recordings, having first acquired a Macintosh to work on art for the Merzbox.

Also at this time he began referring to his home studio as "Bedroom, Tokyo". Since , Akita started utilising samples of animal sounds in various releases starting with Frog.

Around , Akita became a vegan. He later stated:. I started raising four bantams , the little ornamental chickens. With this experience as a start, I gradually started to be concerned and care about chickens and all the barn animals I used to eat without giving it a second thought before. So I started reading books and researching on the internet about Animal Rights and that triggered an awareness of "evil" that human society has done.

During this period, Akita also became a supporter of PETA , which is reflected in his animal-themed releases. Also in , Akita released Merzbeat , which was seen as a significant departure from his trademark abstract style in that it contains beat-oriented pieces.

This has sparked some controversy among fans, [32] though some reviewers pointed out that it sounded very similar to Aqua Necromancer , which features samples of progressive rock drumming. Starting in the mids, Masami Akita began to reintroduce junk metal and effects pedals back into his setup. By the early s, he was using a large number of pedals, oscillators and tone generators, and reduced to a single laptop running granular synthesis software. In , Akita reintroduced the drum kit , his first instrument.

Crash Of The Titans. Subsidia Pataphysica. Happenings Years Time Ago. A Perfect Pain. Rectal Anarchy. Music For Bondage Performance 2.

Live In Cleveland Oct. Merzbow Loves Emil Beaulieau. Live At V, 30 Sep Mort Aux Vaches: Locomotive Breath. Seven Inches Inside Vagina. Rectal Grinder EP. Horn Of The Goat. The Science Of Dissecting Society. Metalvelodrome Exposition Of Electro-Vivisection. Eleven Live Collaborations. Masami Akita posted photos of the procession on his blog in First two of three performances. First performance was stopped for being "too wild", so they then played more conventionally.

Includes Batztoutai material on backing tape, and Russian radio. Due to issues with sound quality, the recording was edited for the LP release. The full-length recording is released here for the first time. The working title for the album was War Storage , which is now used for the track titles. Names are taken from the Latin names of the Dsinezumi shrew , Japanese stoat , and Japanese least weasel.

From a concert with Achim Wollscheid: first Merzbow played, then Wollscheid played using a recording of Merzbow's set, then Merzbow and Wollscheid played together. SCUM was project to create new works out of previous Merzbow sessions using cut-ups , effects, and mixing. The track titles influenced by American post-war art. The EP on Vertical Records was remixed and released without permission, with the cover made using one of Masami Akita's collages.

So, I'm agreed. But EP is still bootleg. During the European tour in , Masami Akita could only bring simple equipment, and created a new live electronics style, different from his acoustical and tape based studio work, leading to the harsh noise Merzbow became known for in the s. Backing tracks made for True Romance, a performance art project with Seido and Bara.

Track 4 samples Brainticket 's self-titled song from their album Cottonwoodhill. Tracks 1 and 3 were made as raw material for recordings of the same period. Track 2 is a remix of a fragment.

Includes Arthur Lyman samples. Yuuri Sunohara is a director, producer, model etc. Track 2 is a reference to Claes Oldenburg , who creates oversized sculptures of everyday objects, including soft sculptures. Named after a fictitious order of mammals. Masami Akita performed solo twice as Zecken, playing this style.

Tracks 1—2 are based on four channel tape: two channels recorded in and used on tracks of the same period, and two channels of EMS recorded in Additional EMS and Moog overdub and final mix in Considering Merzmorphosis and Merzphysics are unreleased outtakes they are actually really interesting and well worth having. Vaughan and Mr. H like this. Location: NYC. Any new releases? Scope J , Feb 8, Scope J , Feb 28, Location: Toronto. H and Scope J like this.

Scope J likes this. I've previously posted here that I lost interest in Merzbow after he began using a laptop, finding online samples of more recent work to be unpromising. But over the last year, I've checked out a few titles, since some of the full albums can be found on Youtube, making it much easier to determine whether an album would truly hold any interest.

I've found quite a few which cemented my opinion that too much of his work is pretty one dimensional in attempting to bludgeon the listener. But also I found 2 which broke the mold and that I ended up buying.

DHARMA : This one has some satisfying loops of backwards guitar and atonal acoustic piano appearing underneath the noise, which I found refreshing. The final, 30 minute track, is a highlight for me. It's basically white noise, yet the frequencies change throughout, and there are perceptible white noise loops underneath its surface, so what might seem one-dimensional proves to be in fact more interesting.

Both a prolific composer and performer, Akita continued his string of Merzbow releases into the next century, including Frog , V , Merzbird , the two-volume set Minazo , Merzbear and Synth Destruction , Dolphin Sonar , and the multi-volume 13 Japanese Birds series issued monthly between January and January He followed this massive undertaking with Another Merzbow Records , released by the U.

Merzbient, a box set of ambient material recorded between and , was issued by Soleilmoon in October Ever prolific, and with a huge backlog of archival material, Akita released ten collections in , as well as an additional four live sets, and four more albums appeared in , along with the box sets Merzphysics and Merzmorphosis.

The following year saw Merzbow issue a number of important live and studio albums on his own and in collaboration with other artists — a total of ten. Uncharacteristically, saw the release of a lone recording, a self-titled split with Full of Hell on Profound Lore. He spent most of the year writing and taking photographs. Merzbow was back to recording in earnest for a number of labels during Merzbow also resumed his collaborative relationship with Boris when the two acts played together at Fever.

In , Gensho appeared on Relapse. The album's first disc featured drum-less recordings by Boris , mostly re-recordings of earlier songs, as well as a cover of My Bloody Valentine 's "Sometimes.

The Japanese issue of the album on Daymare included Gensho at Fever , a double live album of their joint concert performance. In , the same label released Noise Mass, an updated version of the album Hole, packaged with a page book. It was just one of 26 releases he issued that year; among them were limited editions and digital issues. Merzbow consciously responded to the global COVID pandemic by doubling down on his release schedule, even as most musicians pared theirs back or postponed their releases.

Though it offered plenty of visceral noise and power, the group consciously decided to let air into their mx and explored a series of doomy, tense, soundscapes saturated in an atmosphere of dread.

[Album] Merzbow - Metal Acoustic Music [FLAC / Lossless / CD] (Merzdisc 02) Metal Acoustic agalensinvitop.vemahevirtuzelkefetefarbipers.co B 01 - Balance of agalensinvitop.vemahevirtuzelkefetefarbipers.co MB Merzbow - (Merzdisc 02) Metal Acoustic agalensinvitop.vemahevirtuzelkefetefarbipers.co KB Merzbow - (Merzdisc 02) Metal Acoustic Music.m3u 84B agalensinvitop.vemahevirtuzelkefetefarbipers.co KB.

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  1. "Metal Acoustic Action is performed for damaged cassette deck with pre-recorded tapes. Performed by Masami Akita. Original material was recorded on , released on This tape is new mixed version which processed through the feedback system with digital effects. Remixed on 13/11/".
  2. Metal Acoustic Music is Performed for Damaged Cassette Deck with Pre-Recorded Tapes. Original Material was Recorded on Released on This Tape is New Mixed version which Processed through the Feedback System with Digital Effects. Remixed on 13/11/ (C)&(P) ZSF.4/5(6).
  3. In , Akita created his own cassette label, Lowest Music & Arts, and released the first of many albums, Metal Acoustic Music. Infiltrating the then-burgeoning network of underground industrial music, Merzbow lined up one cassette after another, packaged in photocopied collage art.
  4. Jul 25,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Merzbow ‎– Untitled Nov (Full Album) YouTube Merzbow - Kaoscitron [FULL ALBUM] - Duration: Music Machine views.
  5. Oct 03,  · If you like it, buy it I do not own anything Tracklist: 1. Untitled 2. Untitled
  6. Merzbow began as the duo of Masami Akita and Kiyoshi Mizutani, who met Akita in high school. Akita started releasing noise recordings on cassettes through his own record label, Lowest Music & Arts, which was founded in order to trade cassette tapes with other underground artists. The earliest recording he made was Metal Acoustic Music.
  7. Music cassettes, like vinyl, are one of the formats in which music is released. All sorts of media can be found on a cassette from movie soundtracks to inspirational speeches. Cassettes are a well-known music format, and you can find an array of tapes to listen Missing: Merzbow.
  8. In , Akitacreated his own cassette label, Lowest Music & Arts, and released the first of many albums, Metal Acoustic Music. Infiltrating the then-burgeoning network of underground industrial music, Merzbow lined up one cassette after another, packaged in photocopied collage art.

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