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The HSO produces an annual report with appropriate recommendations that is examined by a Select Committee and on which the government is encouraged to act. The HSO will only investigate complaints that have first passed through the local complaints procedures. The Ombudsman has no powers to examine complaints that could be taken to court, matters relating to government policy, decision prop- erly arrived at by NHS bodies, or issues of a personal nature such as contracts of employment.

Judicial review The High Court maintains an inherent supervisory jurisdiction over inferior courts, tribunals, and administrative bodies exercising delegated judicial and quasi-judicial powers in the public domain.

Individuals aggrieved by the actions of these bodies may seek redress through the courts by way of an application for judicial review.

The High Court will exercise its public law jurisdiction only where a public body has made an error of law, has acted illegally, irrationally, or where there has been procedural impropriety.

These grounds have been held to include matters such as a body acting outside the powers ultra vires that have been delegated to it, acting unreasonably, acting with bad faith, or for improper purposes.

In policing the exercise of discretionary powers by public bodies, the High Courts are mindful of balancing the need to protect individual freedoms from undue and oppressive interference by the organs of gov- ernment, while also ensuring an efficient executive. It is not the role of the courts to usurp the decision-making powers rightly delegated by Parliament to public bodies particularly where such delegation is predi- cated on the greater substantive expertise possessed by many of these bodies in their particular areas of operation.

An application for judicial review requires the leave of the High Court, and will only be granted in cases that raise public law issues, and where the aggrieved party can demonstrate a sufficient interest in the out- come of the case known as locus standi. In this way, the courts can weed out vexatious claims. The process of judicial review only allows the supervising court to invalidate an illegal decision, and send it back to the original deciding body for reconsideration.

Judicial review is concerned with procedural issues and not the substantive issues. The limitations of judicial review exposes a lacuna in the legal pro- tection of substantive individual rights; rendered all the more acute by an absence of a written constitution in the UK.

The European Convention seeks to protect certain fundamental rights of its citizens such as the right to life Article 2 , liberty Article 5 , privacy Article 8 , and a family life Article The HRA has introduced a rights-based constitution into UK domestic law and all legislation must now be compatible with these rights. In deference to Parliamentary Sovereignty, and the constitutional effects of a notional shift in power to the judiciary, s19 HRA expressly states that the courts cannot invalidate incompatible primary legislation.

The courts can nevertheless make a declaration of incompatibility and allow the legislature to remedy it, should it so desire. Furthermore, as part of Parliamentary procedure, ministers sponsoring Bills must make a state- ment of compatibility with Convention rights s19 HRA.

Subordinate legislation, in contrast, may be struck down by the courts if it cannot be construed as compatible with rights granted under the Convention. In addition to these legislative checks, s6 HRA makes it illegal for public authorities or persons exercising functions of a public nature to act in any way that is incompatible with Convention rights, unless, under the rele- vant statutory provisions, the authority could not have acted differently.

The term public authority is not defined, but is intended to be inter- preted widely and would certainly include the panoply of administrative bodies associated with the machinery of healthcare provision in the UK. The other principal source of law in the UK arises from the corpus of decisions made by judges in the courts. This form of law has evolved over time and is often referred to as common law or case law.

It was, until the 17th century, the pre-eminent source of law in the UK, and while Statute Law has since superseded it in terms of sheer bulk, case law still enjoys an important role.

Consistency and fairness in judicial law is maintained to a certain extent by the doctrine of precedent which ensures that the principles enunciated in one court will normally be binding on judges in inferior courts in subsequent cases. The House of Lords, by way of exception, is not so bound, and has jurisdiction to overrule its previous decisions.

Allied to the concept of Parliamentary Sovereignty is that of a judi- ciary that is independent of state control, though the provisions of statutory law will always bind the courts. The courts have always exercised a role in construing or interpreting statutory language, but with the introduction of the HRA the courts may now enjoy greater powers. Branches of law The law is divided into a number of specialist fields, each with its own language, procedures and substantive rules; the two principal categories being civil law and criminal law.

Civil law is concerned with the resolution of disputes between indi- viduals. It is the aggrieved party who undertakes the legal action a suit and remedies are usually financial.

Criminal law is concerned with the relationship between individuals and the state. Where the nature of an act is of sufficient importance or gravity, the state will undertake the prosecution of an individual, and the sentences are punitive in nature. There is an overlap between these two jurisdictions and a criminal offence e.

As a reflection of this division, the courts are similarly split into civil and criminal jurisdiction with each jurisdiction being arranged in a hier- archical manner reflecting precedent and expertise.

In both jurisdictions the conduct of the litigation is adversarial in nature. The Civil Courts in England and Wales The Magistrates Court is the lowest of the civil courts in England and Wales, and, outside family, and matrimonial issues, has a limited role in civil disputes. Lay magistrates sit in the majority of Magistrate Courts and are advised by a legally qualified justices clerk.

In metropolitan areas, how- ever, a legally qualified District Judge Magistrate Court will sit alone. The High Court itself comprises of three divisions: the Chancery Division, which specialises in matters such as company law and trusts; the Family Division, specialising in matrimonial issues and matters relat- ing to minors; and the Queens Bench Division, which deals with general civil matters.

It is usual for judges in the High Court to sit in the absence of a jury. The High Court sits in the Royal Courts of Justice in London, but has a number of provincial offices known as district registries. The Divisional Court of the Queens Bench is a distinct entity that exercises its jurisdiction in respect of certain appeals from Magistrates Courts on civil matters , tribunals, and judicial review.

The ultimate appellate civil court for England and Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland is the House of Lords sitting in a judicial capacity. The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council This court is composed of Councillors who have occupied senior judi- cial positions. It has a domestic appellate jurisdiction in respect of deci- sions of disciplinary committees of the General Medical Council and other statutory healthcare related bodies, as well as a civil and criminal appellate jurisdiction in respect of certain Commonwealth countries.

The Criminal Courts in England and Wales The Magistrates Courts play an important role in the criminal jurisdiction, hearing the vast majority of minor criminal cases. The Crown Court is a single court that sits in a number of different tiered centres throughout England and Wales. Coroner Courts These are ancient courts in English law and unique in respect of their inquisitorial approach. The coroners jurisdiction is over certain cate- gories of death, and inquests are held to determine the how, where and when of a death, and not to apportion blame or to opine on criminal or civil liability see Chapter 9.

Mental Health Act The Parliamentary Commissioner Act www. See supra HSO. See generally A. The concept of human rights is that people have inherent rights simply because they are human. The ideas that developed during the Renaissance were that all men but not generally at that stage, women or children were equal. This was either for religious reasons, such as the Protestant view that as all men were created in Gods image they must be equal, or because it was a fundamental principle in their secu- lar humanist philosophy.

They should therefore, be treated equally by the law. They, or according to many political philosophers, those with some degree of social standing, have the right to try to influence polit- ical decisions that affect them.

Their personal lives and possessions should not be interfered with arbitrarily. These formulations are equiva- lent to the biomedical ethics, principles of justice, autonomy and non- maleficence respectively see also Chapter 3. One of the first legal instruments in the UK covering human rights issues was the Magna Carta , in articles such as:. No freeman shall be seized, or imprisoned, or dispossessed, or out- lawed, or in any way destroyed; nor will we condemn him, nor will we commit him to prison, excepting by the legal judgement of his peers, or by the laws of the land.

Up to this point the Kings word was law the Divine Right of Kings so justice was, at best, arbitrary. Subsequently, men of property gained some rights against the absolute rule of the king. However, more than years later the balance between human rights and the Divine Right of Kings was still being debated at the time of the English Civil Wars The philosophical arguments were developed in books by.

Jeremy Bentham, for example, described human rights in gen- eral and the French Declaration in particular as nonsense on stilts because, amongst other reasons, he considered that rights were mean- ingless unless they were enforceable. Eighteen years later, they were effectively split into two groups. Specific UN conventions have been agreed on a range of issues, including genocide,4 torture,5 dis- crimination against women,6 and on the rights of the child.

Mostly they rely on a system of naming and shaming that is rarely publicised in national media, although many countries go to con- siderable lengths to avoid their breaches being publicised. Human rights appertain to the individual and put limits on what a state can do to that person. They are independent of the state, so even in a democratic state, there cannot be a vote to take away anyones human rights. Some rights are absolute, such as the right not to be held in slavery.

Some are qualified, such as the right to liberty, which permits detention following certain legitimate procedures. Others, mostly social, economic and cultural rights, require a state to strive to achieve them.

As a consequence of a person having a right, there will be a duty on another person or institution an agent. A right can entail a neg- ative duty, such as not torturing the person, or a positive duty such as providing basic education. They bind a state, and as a part of that positive obli- gation the right entails to protect the rights listed, so there are obliga- tions on states for both negative and positive rights.

In the case of the right to life, for example, this will mean that the state has a positive duty to criminalize murder. The state must pass appropriate legislation, inform people of their duties, investigate alleged breaches of human rights, and prosecute perpetrators. European Convention on Human Rights Alongside the developing UN human rights system, regional assemblies were formed to pursue human rights more effectively. Of these the European has been by far the most effective.

It was formed in by 10 western European countries as the Council of Europe. Six of them separately set up the economic and political organisation that became the European Union EU. Other western states and Turkey joined, and the system proved its worth when Greece was suspended from the organisation in following a military coup. Over the last 10 years, most of the countries of the former communist bloc have joined the Council of Europe, which has increased the challenges.

Its main text focuses on civil and polit- ical rights see Box 3. The Court has one judge appointed by each Member State. The ECHR has been a dynamic instrument and there have been 13 protocols since its inception.

Some of them have added new rights, the others changing the administration of the system. Additionally, the way the rights themselves are interpreted has changed over the years. Until then, the only course available to a British resident who felt that his or her rights had been infringed was to go to the Court in Strasbourg, a slow and expensive process.

The equivalent provi- sions for Scotland and Northern Ireland were included in the relevant devolution legislation. The HRA did not create any new rights, but it made the pre-existing rights more readily enforceable.

Box 3. Cultural relativism Some non-western commentators have sought to reject the application of human rights standards on the basis that what they represent are western concepts, and are incompatible with the value systems of other cultures. However, the UDHR was drafted by experts from many coun- tries, covering all regions of the world.

Subsequent meetings have agreed the universality and indivisibility of human rights. The rights are drafted very broadly, and different cultures are bound to apply them differently. However, most people in the world, irrespective of nationality, aspire to live in a state in which they cannot be arbitrarily killed, tortured or held in slavery.

Right to health The specifics of the right to health have been increasingly debated in recent years. The States Parties to the present Covenant recognise the right of every- one to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health. The steps to be taken by the States Parties to the present Covenant to achieve the full realisation of this right shall include those necessary for: a The provision for the reduction of the still-birth rate and of infant mortality and for the healthy development of the child; b The improvement of all aspects of environmental and industrial hygiene; c The prevention, treatment and control of epidemic, endemic, occupational and other diseases; d The creation of conditions which would assure to all medical serv- ice and medical attention in the event of sickness.

In the late s, when the UDHR was written, medical care as we know it was in its infancy. Antibiotics were only just starting to be used on a widespread basis, and few clinical investigations were possible. In that context, a right to treatment services would have been meaningless. Even in the early s, there were few treatments for heart attacks or cancer.

Thus medical attention in the event of sickness was almost an afterthought. The focus, rightly, was on prevention of infectious dis- eases, of diseases caused by work, and of those caused by environmen- tal conditions such as overcrowding. The Article requires the highest attainable standard of health. This is a realistic approach, knowing that resource-poor states cannot achieve the same standards as wealthier ones in the short term.

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Hier bei Hundloka, Flockblomstriga 1 H. Nach einer halben Stunde ist man nur noch philosophische Grille unter Grillen. Wozu Idylle? Natur besteht nicht aus Veilchen. Dahls zartbittere Kerbelmischung reizt durch ihr volles Spektrum, ihr schillerndes Klangbukett. Die ganze Klangwelt wird dadurch in einen perversen Schatten getaucht. Der Cioran-Effekt. Der Rest ist Schweigen. Aber wovon ist das denn der Rest? Krach, der nervt, und schwerindustrielle Gschaflhuberei, die stresst, werden durch den eigenen Widerhall gebannt, so wie die Medusa durch ihr Spiegelbild in Perseus Schild versteinert wurde.

Vermutlich weil sich diese und weitere Motive darin vermengen. Fragrance of Blood spielt mit dem beschleunigten Puls, der Schmerzlust unter Stahlgewittern. Will der Tiger geritten werden? Bekommt Atheismus durch Bibelfestigkeit mehr Gewicht? All das verwendet er als Ingredienzen seiner Stadtlandschaft. Schauer gleicht insofern weniger einer Foto- oder Mikrophonie, eher einer Erinnerung oder einem Traum.

Es ist verdichteter Alltag, um erneut ein mehrdeutiges Wort ins Spiel zu bringen. Ein sommerlicher Nachmittag ist hier gleichzeitig komprimiert und poetisiert. Hier geistern Ensors Masken hinter den blinden Fenstern, auf deren Simse es monoton tropft.

Das ist manchmal recht komisch und manchmal etwas grausam. Mit den Worten verschwinden die, die da gesprochen haben, hinter vagen Silhouetten. So wie Menschen in Infrarotaufnahmen oder Enzephalogrammen sich nur unkenntlich abgebildet finden. Gemeinsam, wirklich gemeinsam, denn trotz ihrer anarchischen Eigenwilligkeit hat man immer den Eindruck, dass die beiden die Reize des spontanen Interagierens bis in alle Einzelheiten auskosten, drehen sie an der Dynamikschraube.

Und das ganz ohne Rampenschweinerei. Die Braxton-Ensembles scheinen aber genau zu wissen, wie man in seinem tri-axialen Pluriversum navigiert. Mit dem bizarren Kontrast von Violine und Tuba, dem Wechselspiel von Vibraphon und Electronics und seines eigenen Multireedspitfires mit der blechern schneidenden oder rostig schnatternden Trompete. Tumor ist wenn man trotzdem lacht!? Grrr - elektroperk. Wo Jazz war, muss Frenesie werden, bis die Fische Knochen spucken.

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Welcher Virus geht hier um und spricht: From scratchless I ascend I will follow the aerosol patterns You and me against the world Look into its eyes It will look into your eyes. Paranoia und der Ewige Jude? One of the prerequisites of working on one of my records is that everybody's got to have a sense of humour.

Cos, you know, we would all die if we didn't, in that situation. I've always said, I don't want a lot of guys in black, brooding around the studio noodling on things. Gemischt mit einer Disposition zu Melancholie und Kynismus.

Die Geschichte von vorn, nur wie eingefroren vor dem In welcher Mytheninflation sich im Wagner , Untergang des Abendlandes O. Re-issue of LP and tape on one CD. Industrial Recollections. Re-issue of a of the first collaboration CDR.

New artwork, jewelcase with 12 page booklet.. Latest album from ambient-industrial artists active for 20 years! Reissue of tape that was published by LSDO label. Recordings from and added bonus track. Curious fact about this original tape is that unknown amount of edition of was dubbed with wrong tracks.. Very special release with handmade cover, and two side printed CDr!

Only few minutes of music, since printing on bottom surface takes half of disc! Cold Spring are proud to announce the long-awaited reissue of Coil's album, presented on CD and, for the first time, on vinyl. Malignant presents another rising star within the dark ambient scene, this time in the form of French act Collapsar. Finnish dark ambient. Neuroscan prod.

When these tracks were recorded in spring-summer , when the prophetic album title was set in stone, who knew what turbulence the world would undergo, what social isolation we would endure. To face.. Here this american band present their ultimum.

Over 60 min. Industrial Recollections celebrates 30 years of Con-Dom with re-issue of debut tape. CD out now. LP later. Japanese Teito Sound Company release. Including live photos, lyrics, etc! Extreme good material. Strong sound and good tracks!! This is not just live recording, but basically studio trea..

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Ships June 6th, Since , Concrete Mascara have been sharpening their skills across various formats and releases, pushing the envelope of intensity and extremity as they quickly ascended t..

Logical addition to previous 3 C. The Walls Are Whispering Contagious Orgasm most noisy album. Freak Animal Records Finnish power electronics unit is back with already third full length CD album. Tracks 2 to 5 from the "Festival K.. Remastered re-release of the LP on Black Rose.

Corps is a project of the Russian musician and artist Alexey Tegin Phurpa. Corpse is the post-apocalyptic sound of a time to come. World War III destroyed the civilisation as we know it.

The knowled.. The debut album of a musician from the city of Oryol. Creation Through Destruction is a more raw harsh noise amplua of Dr Alex. Pery" the mastermind behind Satanismo Calibro 9. Also in.. Rhythms and loops are flowing in and.. Always operating on the edge between neoclassical arrangements and stripped methodical automation, Eschaton a..

With their latest album, Da-Sein are well on their way, have made some live appearances in front of diverse audiences, and have been gathering experience. Experience can be seen to have flowed sig.. Daina Dieva is a dark ambient royalty from Vilna, Lithuania. Long lost album from Lithuanian dark ambient royalty. A spooky trip in ritualistic.. Black Rain. This edition comes remastered and in all new artwork. Great releases, mostly from the 90's. Cheap xerox covers, but also cheap prices!

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Limited edition of hand-numbered copies double CD in metal boxes This is a limited edition 2LP, gram, 45rpm release, so pre-order early and wisely! They had a manager who believed in the band to the extent he had sold his own property to finance the band and was determined to get them a deal with independent Target Records who created TDS Records specifically to market the band and its unique "Power Pop".

The band then set about recording tracks for their debut album and follow up single "Money That's Your Problem" Number 66 May then came the crunch-an internal struggle between management ,record label and distributor followed and it was demanded that the band enjoyed another Top 20 hit single before an album could be released. The third single failed to chart-the band was in debt so in January they called it quits The tracks on this album have sat in the archives ever since and now they are remastered and released with the hit single "Drummer Man" being available on CD for the first time ever.

Format x , pages, hardcover, full colour print, entries. This Guide is meant for the close circle of experts and collectors, who are interested in the history of Island Records phonographic recording company, as well as those, whose particular preference is for original pressings of the record albums that were issued in the UK in the s and s although some albums had first been released outside of the UK.

The Guide features original issues only, and should come very handy in music shops and at record fairs. To say it's a breath of fresh air is totally cliche, but it is. It is awesome. It also reminds us a little bit of Dinosaur Jr. Not unlike the Cocteau Twins' Tiny Dynamite EP, these captivating jams are blanketed in rich sonic whirlpools that make you feel as though you've finally mastered the art of lucid dreaming. Limited to copies.

The Interpreters, The Nonbelievers'. Debut release, available on vinyl for the 1st time! Remarkable organic, even approaching Califone at times.

Before the amps are turned on and the drums are set. This album is really fantastic. This is the best pop album in 27 years Clever lyrical character studies and beautiful three-part harmonies.

This time around it's a limited edition of copies. Dreams of a more public lifestyle have taken this reverie to an unconventional conclusion-a troupe that incorporates equal parts harmony and dissonance, programing and organic instrumentation, lush harmonies and sparse arrangements. An exploration of pop through a spaced-out, kaleidoscopic lens.

Superhumanoids take musical cues from a diverse array of sources-Neu! Recorded in Sprout's apartment studio last winter, the album is an effervescent brew of guitar and organ character sketches. Named after a feeling of affection and love, 'Warmy Girls' is populated with men and women in a manner reminiscent of Ray Davies' best Kink songs.

Layered on a four-tracker, the sounds gambol and flit, trip and shimmer beneath a melange of bright-eyed vocal harmonies. The best '60s inspired lo-fi pop around at the moment.

American journalists have even been comparing them with Pink Floyd's 'Mother'. An absolutely refreshing album that simply feels more natural than most records making use of heavy digital manipulation. Pepper in its dense, unconventional take on pop music. On their debut from , Burning mixed the influence of The Rolling Stones, glam and hard rock with an attitude that came from the streets and bars of the late 70s outskirts of Madrid.

They released two LPs, a maxi-single, two EPs and three singles. Although commercial success evaded them, rarely has any Spanish band achieved such a high degree of quality and coherence in their music and personality. This box-set contains all the music made by Decima Victima, including two ureleased tracks, and is released almost 30 years after their first record. For this edition, the sound of the original tape recordings has been cleaned and improved. The page LP-size booklet in Spanish and English tells the band's story in their own words and includes many unseen pictures, a full discography and complete lyrics.

Back in the days when full-length LPs were still considered a luxury item, record labels devised a way to get people to buy them: hire an unknown singer to do a full-length albums worth of cover versions of all the latest hits. People bought these albums because it was an affordable way to amass a collection of the latest hits, and cheaper than buying the original singles.

In the late sixties Elton John was one of these "unknown singers" and although the cover albums did not afford him with much creative room given that by contract he was not allowed to reinterpret any of the covers , they did pay the rent. An interesting glimpse at Elton before he became a pop star.

Track Listing - Side A: 1. Cottonfields Huddie Leadbetter 2. Lady DArbanville Cat Stevens 3. Natural Sinner Andy Fairweather-Low 4. Travelin Band John Fogerty 6. Sweet honesty Beverly Martin Side B: 1. Day Is Done Nick Drake 2. Way To Blue Nick Drake 3. In The Summertime Ray Dorset 5. Yellow River Jeff Christie. In at Woodstock, a relatively little-known band from San Francisco, led by a young guitar virtuoso named Carlos Santana, wowed audiences with their new breed of Latin-tinged rock.

The festival catapulted Santanas self-titled debut album to the number one spot on the U. Featuring Gregg Rolie later of Journey on organ. Features early versions of classic Santana tracks "Jingo", "Soul Sacrifice" and more. Evil Ways 2. Shades Of Time 3. Savor 4.

Jingo Side B: 1. Persuasion 2. Treat 3. You Just Dont Care 4. Soul Sacrifice Side C: 1. Acapulco Sunrise 3. Coconut Grove. Directed in studio by Italian progressive rock luminary, Paolo Tofani, Kinotto was released in , and as Freak Antoni himself declared, the album was closer to new wave than previous efforts and its best-known track, "Mi piaccion le sbarbine", was soon on heavy rotation.

With Kinotto came also the artistic consecration of the Skiantos, who went from being a cult band to one of the most energetic and histrionic in Italian rock. Invited to replace Italian rock superstar Vasco Rossis back-up band in , and undoubtedly a source of inspiration for the evil doings of Italian "mock rock" band Elio e Le Storie Tese, with Kinotto the Skiantos wrote one of the most thrilling pages in Italian music.

Often mislabeled "demented-rock", the Skiantos were in reality an exception to the rule. This reissue of their second album is, therefore, a road to understanding to what degree rock music was putty in the hands of this band from Bologna, who away from cumbersome references to British and American rock chose to follow their own path to originality.

Their youthful and unprejudiced energy together with the personality of great thinkers became an oft-debated manifesto, but one that is destined to maintain its importance in the years to come. The album was originally released in on the Cramps label, but not a day seems to have passed since then. Symptomatic of her evolution, the album-the fourth in her portfolio-uses a back to the basics approach. Accompanied on four tracks by drummer Daniele De Santis, Leilas innate talent as a performer and versatility as a vocalist shines in a series of loosely structured compositions that are right on the mark.

In between the lines of Leilas intimate sound, she speaks the language of pre-war blues and truly eclectic folk-pop, but Adus unique talent lies in her ability to bring a pop sensibility into tracks like "Martian Raft" and "A Moment Of Peace", taking potentially elitist music into the popular sphere.

Recorded in Rome for Rai Radio, Ode To The Unknown Factory Worker, is the first step in a journey towards a new artistic folklore that revisits over a century of traditions. Wasteland Jazz Unit bring on an onslaught of overblown reeds and electronics-a wall of scathing noise, while Tiger Hatchery offer a more traditional serving of dynamic and abrasive free jazz.

Their pieces, structured improvisations, are based on the music of different continents, new music and minimal music combining the special tuning of the instruments with unusual sounds. It is real, because everything about it is unreal; it is authentic, since it has just been totally invented. But it sounds archaic because it has been created by musicians who have developed specific playing techniques, mostly on their own, for handmade instruments built from everyday materials and for conventional instruments they have specially prepared.

It is ethnic because chance providentially brought these musicians together at the same time in a big city like Berlin - metropolitan centers have become homelands for quasi-ethnic groups. Richardson literally immersed. Distant voices crackle. The warning is clear regardless as strands of sonic doom close in. A brief stay in a hostile. Moaning drones bleed out slowly as hidden figures carelessly throw. In terms of pacing, This is quite intense.

You know something dangerous is approaching and the suspense is almost too much. Death Industrial thumps begin. Experimental noise elements rise and. The vocals kick in suddenly. Each track feels like its festering, Growing, To the point of.

The type. Good luck scrubbing. Especially from the inside out. Malignant is known for releasing records. Oppressive ambient. Music that engulfs the listener. Sudden metallic. This is about as overpowering. A soundtrack to the arrival of malevolent Gods. Mercilessly powerful. Richardson isn't playing.

He has honed in his rage to perfection. Bitter verses are unleashed on us over. Drones rise with a strange tonality. Feedback lingers on the fringes as pitch black. Meditative and bleak are key. Feedback increases into a painfully shimmering brilliance. The sonic equivalent. Industrial factory machines. A boiler. Even though it's an instrumental. One long abandoned, Neglected and left to.

The floor trembles as heavy. Industrial rhythms crash over what sounds like brass trumpets signalling war. The vocals. By far one of the. Richardson becomes a ferocious beast here.

One that. The overblown vocal strikes only. Synths rise slowly. The sound is brittle yet abrasive. Dreadful Dark Ambient. Harsh static textures welcome another vocal ass beating perhaps. Extremely hostile and not afraid. But it's definitely working for him. The "drums" sound like falling boulders. I don't know what happened in Richardson's life to cause him to create something. Heavy drones are laid. A choir of caustic. Again the. Feedback and pedal abuse are amped up at times. Killed and killed again.

As for purity A true tribute to the traditions of the genre. The longest track on. Strange spoken vocals Samples? Sounds of despair and loss Grief while lacking the ability to cope. I can't help.

Metallic textures. Emotionally powerful, Yet filled with a hollow. The kind you can't shake no matter how hard you try Like a gnawing. Squealing and grinding metal movements.

The mind is filled with images of plague rats feasting on the slowly. Music for cold winter nights. Absolutely alone. Labels: Malignant , Reviews. If your beliefs align with theirs and you are. Cacophonous boomings mimic mortar fire in strictly timed intervals.

Vintage war time. Some time later we are shaken from the lulling. This time much denser while also featuring motorized electronic. Once again we hear smothered explosive booming from. Loud enough to shake, Rumble and rattle. But quiet enough to be felt as an aftershock from a detonation. This does however get "closer" as the track continues. German samples are once again included and outro.

The vocals are low, Inhuman grunts through "wet" sound effects and other Alien. The overall atmosphere is subdued, Yet very hostile. Like hearing a plot against your life but having to remain absolutely silent while. Churning static waves crash down upon your. Attempting to. This is the storm before the war. An avalanche is.

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  1. endometrium cuntplow. Los Angeles, California. Forest electronics queen and goddess of nectar. Queer noise from the valley. Plants and animals. Tree hugging devil music from everybody's least favorite ghost. Touching for sure and perhaps even a kiss or two. Get in there super close, please. Tip her, always. #angrygirltime #sadgirltime Thank you for your time, I love you. agalensinvitop.vemahevirtuzelkefetefarbipers.con.
  2. CDr (edition of 16) QCS_ Endometrium Cuntplow “.In Slow Motion” CDr (edition of 12) QCS_ Doldis “The Flame She was Could Warm the Dead” CDr (edition of 14) QCS_ Maskinanlegg v.s. Solveig Kjelstrup “Solveigs Lied Remixes” CDr (edition of 30).
  3. DIY music label run by Michael Ridge since Other/Non-Music releases: QCSZ Zebra Mu “Dada” A4 Poster (edition of ) QCSZ QCS Mail Art Postcard (unnumbered).
  4. PRO CDR IN A JEWEL CASE WITH INSERT. PCRV IS: MATT TAGGART - ELECTRONICS. +DOG+, ENDOMETRIUM CUNTPLOW, FACIALMESS, BOAR, XOME, ETC: 8/[email protected] The track has a slow but punishing force like being mowed down by a steam roller in slow motion. There.
  5. And closer "Stupefying" introduces a massive booming slow motion break beat into a moody black dirge, lurching through a halting stop-start riff, a sort of metallic industrialized trip-hop with dramatic riffs and thunderous boom-bap, an anguished vokill performance taking the song to evil heights, mutating into lush electronic textures and.
  6. IN MEDITARIUM "Uterus" cd-r. format: cdr (pro-printed). dark industrial (in the way of early Archon Satani and Autopsia) limited on discount prices on all noise/experimental CDR releases!.. €.
  7. Dec 01,  · 7" BLAZE FIRE: BARDO POND - JUST ONCE (ACOUSTIC) Two very special acoustic versions of tracks from the self titled album from Bardo Pond.
  8. Apr 22,  · Untitled Dream 2 William Fowler Collins bcb-4c5af3e West Mountain Road Recordings Until I Return Yusuf Tali ebaeb-4bc1-bdf Records DK Little Sunflower b84c4-aacd5f9cfe48da Docia (Original Mix) Thornton Bowman da2c9-efee5-beaeff Domani non siamo piu' qui (Seq. 2).
  9. Anal Vomit - Welcome to the Slow Putrefaction Anal Vomit - Demoniac Flagellations Anal Vomit - Depravation Anal Vomit - From Peruvian Hell Anal Vomit & Arnarium & Funeral - 3 Way Split Sudamérica Brutal Vol. 1 Anal Vomit & Carnarium & Funeral - Sudamerica Brutal Anal Vomit & Goat Semen - Split Devotos Del Diablo.

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