One Day Theyll Say

That wasn't to say Ren thought Blake was stringing Jaune along either. She hardly seemed the type to do something so inherently cruel to another, especially when one considered how highly she valued equality above all else.

However, it just didn't make any sense to think a girl like Blake would ever be interested in a guy like Jaune. The only way Ren could possibly rationalize what had happened was like this: Jaune had somehow mistaken some kind words or actions from Blake as romantic interest.

Then he had decided to pursue a relationship. Blake had either been too shy to turn him down or hadn't wished to hurt his feelings by rejecting him as bluntly as Weiss usually had no trouble doing. Nevermind the Sun thing, in which Blake had also been pretty upfront about her rejection.

He was a confident guy, after all. Not in the same fake way that Jaune was. Sun could take the rejection. Maybe Blake had realized Jaune's ego wouldn't have rolled with it the same way? That be the case, in the end this could only end worse for Jaune then outright rejecting him would. He tended to bounce back pretty quickly every time Weiss had rejected him, after all.

Probably because it was nothing more than a passing fancy and his feelings for her didn't have real depth. If this continued, however, he was going to develop real, genuine emotions for Blake. That was just giving him false hope and nothing hurt more than having your hope brutally dashed. In short, Ren was very worried about his team leader. He didn't say it aloud but he truly did consider him to be the brother he never had and he looked to Jaune as a trusted comrade.

So it was only natural that he would be wary of something he thought might hurt his friend, unintentional or otherwise. At the current moment, he just didn't see how this relationship could end in any way other than Jaune getting hurt as he looked across the library at the very two people he was currently thinking about. It wasn't just a coincidence all of this was on his mind at this exact moment. It would be more accurate to say it was the exact circumstances happening before him that was pushing his thoughts into this direction and forcing his patience near a breaking point.

Jaune and Blake sat side by side at an otherwise unoccupied table. Which shouldn't have been odd seeing as they were supposedly going out with one another.

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  6. siblings could have gotten, and for that I pray for you. It'll be worth it though because one day they'll understand how much you mean to them and why you did what you did. Anyways you're so close to being 18 now, almost a month away, and it's your senior year in high school. I hope the whole corona thing is gone because you've always wanted to make the most out of your highschool years.
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  8. Aug 18,  · One day, they'll put this in your heart. Updated: 18 August, IST Also download the new mid-day Android and iOS apps to get latest updates. Mid-Day is now on Telegram.
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