Never Known - The Durutti Column - LC (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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Turning off will mean that your activity is not sent to these services. This site tracks activity, used for customised advertising across several services ActiveCampaign. Storm for Steve D1. Guitar for Mother D2. My Only Love D3. In addition to Vini's trademark guitar stylings, the album showcased sleek electronic textures and programmed beats.

This vinyl re-master features two bonus tracks: My Only Love was originally released in on a covermount CD with a specialist guitar magazine, while experimental piece The New Fidelity was issued on a Portuguese compilation album from called Hare, Hunter, Field. Limited to just copies, this special double disc edition pressed in clear and blue vinyl features brand new cover artwork by Crepuscule design director Benoit Hennebert, based on a portrait by Vini Reilly of filmmaker Carol Morley.

Lift lid box with 8 x gram silver heavyweight vinyl and 40 page booklet, previously released on CD. Limited run of units. Previous title was 'Factory Records: Communications ' but the "Records" bit has been dropped and some capital letters added. Previous 4CD version came as digital download with extra track 'Otis' which did not feature on any of the CDs.

More information: rhino. Vino Della Casa Bianco 2. Hotel of the Lake 3. Fridays 4. Neon 5. Home 6. Spanish Reggae 7. Art and Freight 8. The Warmest Rain 9. Contra-Indications Home live 2. What It Means to Me live 3. English Landscape Tradition live 4. Opera II live 5. Finding the Sea live 6. Otis live 7. Originally released by Factory Records in December , the original 10 tracks have now been expanded to no less than Largely self-produced, and entirely instrumental, Obey the Time saw Vini Reilly further develop his interest in electronic music, and even embracing house and techno stylings.

If you lived in Manchester, you were absolutely in the middle of it. Vini even explained why House made keyboards sound so fresh. Something to do with a chord being played with 3 or 4 notes into the sampler, but then different chords being triggered by a single key stroke.

Creating mathematical harmonic relationships 'which Schoenberg had searched for but never found. Marking a further break with tradition, dance exploration Contra-Indications was taped with New Order programmer and later co-manager Andy Robinson. Released in December , Obey the Time Fact would be the last Durutti Column album on Factory before the labelled collapsed beneath a mountain of debt.

Original cover art by 8vo. The remastered vinyl set is housed in a striking gatefold sleeve printed in pantone colours on a matt varnished board.

The bold primary colours are mirrored by the coloured vinyl — purple for LP1, and yellow for LP2. Vino Della Casa Rosso The Together Mix For Zinni III Fridays Up-Person Mix Kiss of Def The New Fidelity CD2 1. Together — Razormaid Mix 2. Megamix 3. Dry 4. Out of the Blue 5. Paradise Passage Road 6. Rope Around My Neck 7. Short 8.

Boat People 1 9. Boat People 2 Grade 2 Duet Octaves For Madelaine II Pete's Riff The Crowned Goddess Times Like These The Awards Show Jacqueline live 8. Requiem Again live 9. Take Some Time Out live The Missing Boy live The remastered set is housed in a clamshell card box, with individual inner sleeves and liner notes.

More information and how to buy at Factory Benelux Mailorder. Otis was recorded live at Nottingham Rescue Rooms on 16 May and is previously unreleased. Without Mercy 2 6. Snowflakes 8. Profondeurs des Eaux des Laques 9.

The Sea Wall Duet Estoril a Noite Favourite Descending Intervals CD2 1. Goodbye 2. The Room 3. A Little Mercy 4. Silence 5. Hello w 7. Paresseuse Aussi 8. Mercy Theme Live in Tokyo 9. A Little Mercy Live in Tokyo Estoril a Noite Live in Rotterdam Sketch for Summer 2. Jacqueline 3. Mercy Theme 4. A Little Mercy 5. Pauline 6. Mercy Dance 7. The Room 9. Silence Ornithology Prayer The Beggar The Missing Boy Mercy Theme 2.

A Little Mercy 3. Pauline 4. Mercy Dance 5. Silence 7. The Room 8. Dream of a Child 9. Tomorrow Without Mercy I B1. Duet C3. Estoril a Noite C4. Favourite Descending Intervals C5. A Little Mercy D1. Mercy Theme Live in London D2.

It was a very, very Tony way of looking at it. He had aspirations that I should be taken seriously. The remastered 4xCD set is housed in a clamshell box, with inner wallets and liner notes by Reilly, Wilson, Mitchell, Reininger and Metcalfe. A double gatefold vinyl edition is also available with free digital copy MP3 of the vinyl tracks. The outer sleeve is printed on mic grey cairn board, with letterpress typography and tipped sheets front and back.

The insert with liner notes is printed on a gsm white frost card, and the whole package housed in a re-sealable polybag. A limited edition of copies of the vinyl will also be available with a postcard signed by Vini and Bruce. These copies are only available from FBN mailorder. Available as a 4CD box, gatefold double vinyl and MP3 vinyl tracklisting. To order please select correct button and shipping option and click on Add To Cart button below cover image, or else contact FBN by email for other payment methods.

For release in September Conduct 3. Lips That Would Kiss 4. For Belgian Friends 5. Danny 6. Messidor 7. The Beggar live 8. Prayer 9. Mercy Theme Duet College Pauline Arpeggiator Catos con Guantes Otis Love No More My Country CD2 1. Home 2. Art and Freight 3. My Only Love 4. A Beautiful Thought Pt 1 5. The Title On the Cover 6. Bruce 7. After some abortive collaborations, Reilly hooked up with a regular drummer, talented fellow Mancunian Bruce Mitchell , to create LC , Durutti 's second full release.

Self-produced by Reilly but bearing the unmistakable hints of his earlier work with Martin Hannett , LC , named after a bit of Italian graffiti, extends Reilly 's lovely talents ever further, resulting in a new set of evocative, carefully played and performed excursions on electric guitar.

Mitchell 's crisp but never overly dominant drumming actually starts the record off via "Sketch for Dawn I," added to by a simply captivating low series of notes from Reilly that builds into a softly triumphant melodic surge, repeating a core motif again and again. His piano playing adds a perfect counterpart, while the final touch are his vocals -- low speak-singing that sounds utterly appropriate in context, mixed low and capturing the emotional flavor at play via delivery rather than lyrical content.

As great as Return is, this is perhaps even better, signaling a full flowering of Reilly 's talents throughout the album. Mitchell proves him time and again to be in perfect sync with Reilly , adding gentle brio and understated variation to the latter's compositions. Nowhere is this more apparent than on "The Missing Boy," the album's unquestioned highlight.

Written in memory of Ian Curtis of Joy Division , on it Mitchell adds quick, sudden hits contrasting against the low, tense atmosphere of the song, while fragile piano notes and Reilly 's own regret-tinged, yearning vocals complete the picture. For all the implicit melancholy in Durutti 's work, there's a surprising amount of life and energy throughout -- "Jaqueline" is perhaps the standout, with a great central melody surrounded by the expected Reilly elaborations and additions in the breaks.

Second LP polished for a new generation. The Durutti Column’s debut may have launched Vini Reilly’s career in , but this sophomore effort confirmed his unique musical genius. Opening track Sketch For Dawn (1) perfectly defines Reilly and makes the case for his work deserving its own standalone genre: clean guitar fed through an Echoplex, ambient textures wafting in the background, sparse percussion .

8 Replies to “Never Known - The Durutti Column - LC (Vinyl, LP, Album)”

  1. Mar 26,  · This LP contains the wonderfully melancholic 'Never Known' with it's gentle guitar picking and drum machine phasing. A timeless piece of music. Overall this is a pleasant and gentle LP/5().
  2. Jul 23,  · Expanded edition of LC, the second studio set by The Durutti Column, originally issued by Factory in Disc 1 (Sides A & B): LC by the Durutti Column originally released by Factory Records (Fact 44) in November /5(36).
  3. The Durutti Column, formed in is the ongoing band project of guitarist (and occasional pianist) Vini Reilly (born in Didsbury, Manchester, England in August ), often accompanied by drummer Bruce Mitchell (ex. Greasy Bear, Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias).The basic idea behind Durutti Column’s music is to break with whatever structure supports the foundations of musical formalism, in.
  4. LC is as powerful as the debut, a fantastic collection of guitar excursions that transcend genre. This is also the first album to feature Reilly's speak-sing vocal style, including on The Missing Boy, a tribute to the recently deceased leader of Joy Division, Ian Curtis. Another stellar album reissued on gram vinyl/5(3).
  5. Apr 23,  · Definite top-ten rainy day material, The Durutti Column's LC is a simple, brilliant slice of evocative instrumentalism, guitarist Vini Reilly commanding his Roland Space Echo to hypnotize and freeze anyone in range, with the occasional buried vocal, piano, and drum pulse adding to the sense of cold comfort. But it's the guitar that's the main conjurer here, and while it's heavily delayed, dancing /5(49).
  6. That withstanding this is my favourite DC album with one of my top 5 DC tracks, Never Known. The second vinyl disc contains a number of additional tracks, most of which I was familiar with from the various releases over the year. However, I can’t remember hearing Portrait for the Paul before, the full version of Detail for Paul on the main album/5(15).
  7. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for LC - The Durutti Column on AllMusic - - After some abortive collaborations, Reilly hooked.
  8. LC, the classic second studio album by The Durutti Column from is released in a very special double vinyl edition on 6 May by Factory Benelux. The original album is supplemented by 9 bonus tracks on the second record.

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